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Welcome to Victoria Justice Couture, your newest source for Victoria Justice's style! Here you will find access to the latest fashion taken directly from Victoria's wardrobe with exact or similar matches. You will also have the chance to steal Victoria's style secrets upon a our selection of easy-to-follow hair and make-up tutorials. If you can not find a specific look, feel free request a guide from the staff and we will try our best to find it. Don't forget to check back often for new tips and additions to the site. Thanks for visiting!

~ Kayli

Gallery Update [09/26/11]

[Septemeber 23]-Worldwide Day of Play Gala

[September 23]- Worldwide Day of Play Signing

[September 24]- Worldwide Day of Play Obstacle Course


Welcome to the new & improved, Victoria Justice Couture!  I recently adopted this site, and changed it from a style site, to a whole fansite!  Our gallery is still being worked on, but will be updated often!  Along with our Visuals, Simplicity, and Style Networks!  Thanks for stopping by!

2 New Style Guides

I’ve added 2 new guides to the site with one from the Do Something Awards 2011 and another from the Micah Smith photo shoot. Both have exact matches. Enjoy!

New Icon Additions

Thanks to Emma & Giuli, I’ve managed add a new collection to our icon archive. Here’s a small preview:

Victoria Justice Couture >> Simplicity > Candids
Victoria Justice Couture >> Simplicity > GIFS

Victoria’s Wardrobe Secrets

So what exactly are Victoria’s secrets to her style? Take a look at the video below :

(Watch in HD)

One New Style Guide + New Icon Archive Look

Hey guys! I’ve managed to add one new style guide of Victoria’s outfit at the iParty with Victorious premiere. This outfit is casual, fun, and definitely cute. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a back-to-school outfit.

My Photoshop has pretty much been crazy this past week ,so I had to use Gimp for the design. It’s a bit messy ,and I apologize. Also, thank you for everyone who has added my to their affiliates. I have added you back. =]

We also have a new look on the icon archive made by the talented demi. You can view it by clicking here. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Lastly, please do apply to be affiliated with Victoria Justice Couture. I assure there is always a spot for you. :)


Welcome to the Grand Opening!

After weeks of getting this site set up, Victoria Justice Couture is finally open! I worked hard on getting everything in place ,so it’s quite exciting to have everything finally be online. Quickly, I just wanted to give a brief thanks to everyone who helped. The donators, designers, and just everyone in general that made this site possible. The lovely layout was designed and coded by Camille at Sunny Visuals ,and she definitely did a great job on it. I’d also like to give a shout out to Creative Visuals for the video archive header, Amy for the coding, and StarsZZ for hosting us. And of course, the amazing donators.

Since this site is brand new, we need all the support we can. Any sort of affliation would really be great and we accept all sites so don’t be afraid to ask! And don’t forget to share with your friends as well.

I also created a few simple Victoria must-have networks. You can check them out below by clicking the banner:

VJCouture Icon Archive


As of now, I have made 23 guides for style, hair, and make-up to start of the site. A couple are ones from my old site vjcouture.elementfx.com. Enjoy! :)





Finally, we also have a twitter @VJCouture which I would highly encourage you to follow as we would love to here your feedback. Please stop by and drop or comment to let us know your thoughts. :) Thanks for visiting, we hope to see you soon!